About Us

Welcome to Annie’s! Our vegan chocolate business is set in Horncastle in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Raspberry and Praline chocolate

When I set out to find something that my vegan friend Sophie could enjoy whilst the rest of us were sat around eating cake, I never expected that several years later, it would be the first in an ever growing portfolio of chocolatey things that were vegan friendly.

Back then, the vegan community wasn’t anywhere near as big as it is now, but with more and more people turning their backs on eating animals – and their produce – veganism is a movement gathering pace. During my research, I found that items labelled as ‘vegan-friendly’ came at a price that often meant they were unaffordable for frequent consumption, and so I set about offering vegan chocolate that would change that.

I wanted to give the vegan – and the dairy-free – community something that tasted better than the mass produced ‘industrial’ vegan chocolate; something that tasted like a luxury but that was priced for every day eating. Thanks to Sophie, the Chocolate Bomb was already popular among my vegan and vegetarian friends as well as everyone else, so I set out to find out if Lincolnshire vegans might be interested in what I was doing. My vegan chocolate business was born!

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