Packaging That Helps Save The Planet

Our impact on the environment is very important to us here at Annie’s. So we try to make sure that we use the most sustainable kind of packaging that we can.

We start with the cellulose bags that our treats come in. All our bags, even the ones in our cake kits, are compostable – which means they break down fast, even faster than biodegradable. Our creams are wrapped in little foil squares which can go right in with your recycling and our header cards, labels and boxes are all either recyclable or reusable. Once you have eaten the chocolates inside, our little heart shaped boxes are perfect for giving a gift to others, storing earrings, loose change etc and also for redecorating.

When we send our parcels out, we used fsc certified boxes whenever we can (although we will reuse those from our own deliveries so they are not wasted). We also used recycled paper packing to keep your treats from moving about during shipping. Sometimes you may find bubble wrap in your parcel, especially if you have ordered any chocolate lollies or our Raspberry & Pistachio Slab. We receive bubble wrap sometimes in our own stock orders, so we reuse everything rather than throw it away.

Our cake kits are packed into recycled paper carriers and the instruction cards are all printed on recycled card and if you order a cake for local delivery, it will be wrapped minimally to keep it clean and safe when we deliver it to you.

We are really pleased to be working with a zero waste shop in Lancashire, providing them with loose chocolates that are bought by customers who have their own containers. We hope to work with more shops like this as it sits nicely alongside our own ethics for kindness to our beautiful planet.

Watch out for our Advent Chocolates and our Festive Boxes again this year too. The chocolates come to you in candy bags so you can fill your own reusable advent calendar and the Festive Boxes are our alternative to the Christmas cracker and all the plastic waste that comes with them. Our Boxes contain a paper hat, a paper joke and some of our creams, and they are nice enough to use again next year, all you need to do is order some of our creams!

So, you can see how much the planet matters to us, and how hard we are prepared to work in order to protect it. We only get one chance, so let’s give Mother Earth some serious TLC.

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